Open Fragment – Exhibition

I am pleased to have my piece ‘A Genuine Sense of Arrival’ included in Open Fragment, an exhibition online curated by Pragmata Collective.

Detail of Open Fragment online art exhibition - Pragmata Collective

“What are fragments? What is it that gives them such high value? (…) To what extent can they be regarded, though fragments, as whole?”


Click here to enter the Open Fragment online exhibition.

The exhibition asks questions about inclusivity, empathy, connection, and value in art and exhibiting. Open Fragment is about experimenting with the chance outcome of the interconnectedness of the internet open call. It is about how we utilise the amorphous space of an online platform, in that its tentacles reach out through the millions of wifi hubs around the globe with varying speeds and varying accessibility.

Coming from all over the world, the artworks are exhibited in the pink, virtual forest where the visitors encounter these images on a tree, a bush, a rock.