Salford Summer Show: The Open [1]


As part of the Royal Academy 250 celebrations, Salford Museum & Art Gallery launched an exciting opportunity open to all artists living, working, studying or born in Salford to show their work. The resulting exhibition is Salford Summer Show: The Open [1].

I am pleased to have my work Building detail 1, selected for the show and it is available to view in Salford Museum & Art Gallery (North and Bluestairs Galleries) until 11th November 2018.

Building Detail 1 by Greg Thomas for Salford Museum & Art Gallery

My work is a mixed media (print, acrylic, collage) piece and is available to buy at the gallery. If you visit, you can also vote for your favourite piece and the winner collects the People’s Choice Award… Hint hint!

Salford Museum & Art Gallery Royal Academy Takeover

The gallery is also hosting a special Royal Academy Takeover exhibition, celebrating 250 years of the Royal Academy in London. Salford Museum & Art Gallery have selected a range of works to display, saying:

Royal Academicians are voted in by their peers and make up some of the greatest names in painting, printmaking, sculpture and architecture.

Did you know that we hold many magnificent works by Royal Academicians in Salford’s collections? Some of which have not been on public display for a number of years.

‘The Royal Academy Takeover: The Exhibition’ will pick out the hidden gems from the collections and runs over both our venues. At Salford Museum & Art Gallery you will be able to see household names including L.S Lowry, David Hockney and Elizabeth Frink, while we introduce you to some lesser known Royal Academicians through painting, print and sculpture.

You can read more about the Royal Academy Takeover exhibition in this article by Creative Tourist. But of course, my advice is that if you can visit, you should!

Getting to exhibit artwork at the same time as these pieces by famous artists is a great opportunity, and the takeover show is a vibrant reflection of the diverse artwork made in Salford. I have picked some of my favourite pieces below.

Salford Museum & Art Gallery Summer Show: The Open [1]Salford Museum & Art Gallery Summer Show: The Open [1]Salford Museum & Art Gallery Summer Show: The Open [1]


In an effort to garner some inspiration for a series of prints (that will also be transferred onto t-shirts) I’ve been mooching through one of my favourite books; Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art.

Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art

It’s a great book for anyone interested in Contemporary Art and Collage, so check it out if you can.

It’s got plenty of artists and examples of their work, but I’d totally forgotten about an artist who was a massive inspiration for my practice when I was at uni. THOMAS DEMAND creates highly technical and elaborate architectural locations and interior structures – using just paper and card. Often creating the illusion of reality, (since his work is made, photographed and then destroyed) meaning the viewer can only see each piece as a photograph.

There is a juxtaposition of mundanity and the uncanny which creates an unsettled reading of the image. The 3D model/structure becomes flat, a plane, an image of a place that was built intentionally to be seen in 2D. It is this denial that makes the viewer aware of a ‘set’; the photograph offers the viewer an answer to what they see as an ‘uncertain reality’, allowing them into the image and a chance to pull apart the illusion.

Simulator by Thomas Demand