3b ARCHIVE SHOW: The Ebb Whispers

Last year I took part in two final shows at Unit 3b art space.

One was BOUND and the other was an Archive Show; a collection of works by artists who have been involved with 3b throughout it’s time.

I actually only made one piece of work, but it’s nature was such that it had to stay in situ for the Archive Show, after Bound had finished.

I’ve included a plan view of the exhibition to show how many people were involved and give an idea of the space. My work was a short piece of text that I carved into the wall.



I wish I could be at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo but alas, I can’t. In person. But I could be telepresent; that is, to give the appearance that I’m present or have an effect at a location other than the one I’m physically in. This is no new concept, but it is an integral part of an exhibition at the Expo by Graham Smith and Christina Smith of Cybercity Ruhr.

The exhibition allows for robots to be manually controlled and manoeuvred through tiny streets. They can be controlled ‘locally’, over a game step pad, or ‘world wide’, over the internet. This enables the viewer to explore the environment as a pedestrian would, without actually being there.

Generally, the exhibition explores urbanism, spatial needs, interactivity with urban and built environments, identity and cultural exchange. But personally, ides of community, isolation and alienation are key.

For more info have a look HERE.




Using information from a missing persons website, I used Google Earth to photograph certain parts of the country. The areas were places that unidentified bodies had been found.

I contacted photographers local to those areas and asked them to take pictures of certain places, without revealing motives for the chosen sites.


I constructed a darkened corridor that was approx. 5m in length. At one end of the corridor a projection of the above image was show over a 4 minute duration. The image faded from full colour to black over the 4 minutes. As the image faded out, the sound of a doctor reading a report was played, describing how an unknown person had been found on the beach, followed by the post-mortem report of that person.