Some shots of different pieces of work by BAPTISTE DEBOMBOURG. Thanks to BUMBUMBUM for directing me to the work.

I think I love 90% of work that relates to architecture, the built environment, installation art, urban environments, text, interventions, etc. This stuff seems to tick all the boxes… What do you think? I’d like to start using my blog as a means of generating discussion, critical or otherwise, so use the comments if you have anything you’d like to say!


Just a quick post to highlight a great blog!

I was made aware thanks to my good pal Sarah Smizz.

We’re hatching a plan for city wide domination! Not really, but we are pulling together a great proposal for an exhibition that will *hopefully* be in Manchester. If not, probably Sheffield. We’re very excited!

But what the hell has this got to do with BLDGBLOG? Well, everyone is inspired by something. So, thanks BLDGBLOG – you’re an inspiration!



Can’t believe I’ve had my blog going for so long and not posted anything by Jenny Holzer. ‘Overdue’ is most definitely the word.

Whilst on the subject of words – I have a list of my favourites up at WORDNIK. ‘Overdue’ has just been added. You can follow them on Twitter too for daily words and the like. AND whilst now on the subject of Twitter, you can also follow HOLZER. Excellent!

jenny holzer image