Brutal Jewellery

I have designed a men’s range of jewellery under the brand name ‘BRUTAL JEWELLERY‘.

The unconventional says it is:

A modernist jewellery line drawing inspiration from strong brutalist architecture and constructual forms, for a bold statement against todays fabrics.

All pieces have been designed by me, and hand made by Luke Anthony – the jeweller for Velvet Noir (as featured in British Vogue under Best of British). They are plated in silver, then again in antique silver which is rubbed and brushed to bring out small detail.

They are now available to buy at and

You can see the whole collection on Facebook.

2 Column Ring - Brutal Jewellery

3 Column Ring - Brutal Jewellery

Corrugated Ring - Brutal Jewellery

Cube Ring / Necklace - Brutal Jewellery

Corrugated Necklace - Brutal Jewellery

Pipe Necklace - Brutal Jewellery

Panel Necklace - Brutal Jewellery

Pyramid Necklace - Brutal Jewellery

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