BMC Projector Series – Exhibition

I am VERY very excited to be part of this:

Blank Media Collective - Projector Series

The Blank Media Collective “Projector Series I, II & III”

In their own words – “Blank Media Collective champions emerging artists, writers, musicians and performers by giving them a unique platform to showcase their work.”

And true to their word, the latest project  is one determined to takeover unusual and unique spaces across Manchester. The Projector Series will be spread across three locations, over three months and bring together a host of artists from different genres in a series of exhibitions, performances and installations.

More information and details can be found here at Manchester’s Finest

From their site –

“Projector III: Installation at The King’s Arms
Greg Thomas

End of Season event on 6th September from 6pm – FREE
11 Bloom Street 

Greg Thomas’s innovative work confronts viewers with an unsettling re-structuring of structures, engaging not only with the architecture, but also with our assumptions about the strength and stability of community. On the 6th September, topping off an amazing summer of Projector series exhibitions and events, people are encouraged to go along and meet the artist and the BMC team and then join Greg in what promises to be a surprising culmination of his intervention into the space at The Kings Arms.”

If you’re interested please spread the word by sharing this poster too:

Blank Media Collective Projector Series

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